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We manage to target your audience wherever they are, keeping the social distance.

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Don’t let covid-19 affect your event or your business. Give us a call, we have the right solution for you.


Step 1: understanding your audience to build the right message and achieve your goals

Before we promote your videos, we need to understand for whom that specific video was created for. What do we want to achieve, who do we want to choose to watch your video. At this stage we will use digital marketing tools to focus on the right target. Every video will end with a call to action that will drive your audience to our objectives.

Step 2: Social Media Strategy: market research and media content strategy

At this stage we will research where the audience is. How big is this audience, who are the relevant users. We will analyze the keywords to achieve the audience. We will create interaction with this audience and will promote the video and key messages, including a call to action. We will go after your audience and get them watching and sharing your videos.

Step 3: Interaction and engagement

To be successful on social media we need to get people to participate on a regular basis and interact with your brand. They need to see your brand as something that they really love. We need to be constantly uploading, promoting, marketing, communicating, and talking to your audience. This will create trust; the audience will look at your brand as something that is part of their everyday life, something indispensable to them.

Step 4: Reports and Analytics

Each month we will meet with you and discuss the results of each video campaign. By discussing and analyzing the reports this will give us new possibilities of creating new contents, search new audiences and find new keywords to help improve the following campaigns. We will show you how many people viewed your video and what actions they took. We will show you how well the video had performed; we can also see how your competitors are doing.

We are able to find new ways of creating and producing better content. Social Media is a new world, still much more to be explored. World Eye Media knows that everyday more people become new social media members, the online community is growing fast. This audience wants to discover new brands, they search new products, new services everyday. World Eye Media will help you find this audience and get them to love your brand.


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