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We manage to target your audience wherever they are, keeping the social distance.

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Don’t let covid-19 affect your event or your business. Give us a call, we have the right solution for you.


Step 1: The briefing

To be successful a video needs to have a strong structure from the very beginning. Before building a good house, a good engineer has to plan on paper the idea before his team of builders start working. The same principle applies to video production. Before we start a production it is very important to discuss and understand your ideas so our team are able to visualize all the possibilities and present you with other ideas that you could feel could be relevant to the project, due to our knowledge on video, marketing, media and broadcasting.

In this step we come up with ideas and create storyboards. We write scripts and short list if the project requires filming. Now is the time to change things around, until we have the final idea written and fully developed on paper. By doing this we avoid mistakes when developing animations or filming, in turn being more cost effective.

Step 2: Pre-Production

Once the briefing has been signed off, we start to plan the pre-production. This is the time to find presenters, actors, locations, music and voice overs, video reference for you to visualize better the idea. Once you approve all the layers that will compose the video, we start the production.

Step 3: Production

In this stage is where we bring dreams to life; you really can see the video become a reality. Our camera operator, production manager, sound people, production assistants, director and director assistant will be on set. In some cases, the video editor will also be on set to give some opinion and ideas in the filming because he is the professional who will put together the footage. The size of the production will determine the size of the team required in the filming. At this stage your presence on set is important, as new ideas can arise, and we would still have time to change some aspects of the video before post-production.

Step 4: Post-Production

The footage is sent to the video editor. He has the script and storyboard on hand to guide him through the editing. All the motion graphic, animation, logo, text, music, voice over is added to the project. A rough cut is sent to you as a first draft so you can see all the aspects in the video, all of which have been previously signed off.

Step 5: Distribution and Broadcasting

Once we have the final approval, we prepare the video to be promoted, distributed and broadcasted. We upload it on your own YouTube channel, if you don’t have one our social media team will be glad to create it for you; we can also transfer the file in the format required by you, we can suggest the best video formats that suit the media platform of the video (internet, YouTube, Social Media, Website, TV). Our team of professionals will ensure the video is optimized for online broadcast (video SEO).

At this stage our social media marketing team could assist you in the promoting and marketing of your video. While creating the idea in the first step (The Briefing) the production and social media team meet to exchange ideas regarding the targeting of the specific audience for that specific video.


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